Diary of a Twenties Girl

Bootleg Baby

This week Miss Holt is giving a soirée at her home. Consequently I have been rushing round like a mad thing all day preparing for […]

Diary of a Twenties Girl

A day in the life…

Some of you have been asking just what are the day-to-day duties of a secretary to a Hollywood executive, so I thought I would let […]

Diary of a Twenties Girl

How to write for the movies

It seems that just everybody wants to be in pictures these days! I can hardly judge – it’s the reason I came out to California […]

Diary of a Twenties Girl

Shopping haul!

I have been really quite decadent and have ordered myself no less than three new outfits for work. Yesterday Mr Caspar Gabor – he’s our studio […]

Diary of a Twenties Girl

7 Things to do in Los Angeles

1. VISIT THE SANTA MONICA PLEASURE PIER. Later this year a “Merry Go Round” ride is due to open, which I anticipate will be quite […]

Tinseltown Tales: Life in Early Hollywood

The Birth of Gossip…

Around the turn of the 20th century, when movies were just starting to resemble something we’d recognise as a movie (to begin with, they were […]

Diary of a Twenties Girl

My hopes and dreams for 1921

I would like to be able to cook one meal properly – say, steak and french fried potatoes. I don’t hold out any hope of […]