My hopes and dreams for 1921

Everything I hope to happen in the remainder of this year!

  1. I would like to be able to cook one meal properly – say, steak and french fried potatoes. I don’t hold out any hope of ever making a great show in the domestic department, but it would be nice, the next time I entertain a young man at home, to delay his discovery of that by one evening at least. Ida has offered to teach me, but so far we haven’t both been home at the same time for long enough to undertake such a lesson.
  2. By this summer, I’m hoping that Miss Holt will consider me sufficiently trained to go on as a script girl in the scenario department. I already read and report on all scenarios that are submitted directly to her (most are utter rot, and I don’t hold back in saying so, which she appreciates), but working directly for the writers and continuity editors will really set me on the road to my goal of becoming a scenario writer.
  3. Already this year I have taken up golf, and Ida and I intend to take horseback riding lessons. We have some friends who like to take rides up in the Hollywood Hills with picnics, and they have invited us to join them any time we like.
  4. Someday, I am going to ride on an airplane. I see them sometimes in the air, going out towards Catalina or up to Mr Hearst’s ranch and my heart just sings at the thought of being up there in the clouds.
  5. By this summer, I am determined that I will have learned to drive a motor car. I think in view of my raise I should be able to save enough to buy my own (I would just love a little Daniels Speedster but I don’t anticipate funds will quite stretch there!) and then I will be able to go just anywhere without worrying that the trolley will be cut off or I will miss it. Ida and I would love to get a little house by summer (we would have to find a third girl to take in with us, but I don’t anticipate that would be a problem) so that we could have a yard to sit out in during the evening – but without our own transport we would spend most of our time riding trolleys or even trains.
  6. I guess that’s another hope and dream then – that by summer we will live in our own little house!
  7. I don’t really know if I want a husband or not, but I would quite like to receive a marriage proposal just to see what it would be like. Neither of my current beaux is of real interest to me – it’s time to throw them over and set my sights higher.
  8. Even before I’m properly trained up, I would like to try my hand at writing my first story. I bought myself a swell little leather bound notebook that I keep about me at all times just in case the right idea starts to form. If I think it good enough, I might even submit it to Miss Holt under an assumed name – then if she likes it, I could reveal myself as the writer. What do you think to that plan?
  9. Nancy and two other girls who work in the art department and cutting department respectively (I don’t know them yet, but I guess I soon will) have formed a little class to learn French during our lunch breaks once a week. One of the wardrobe mistresses comes all the way from Paris and she has promised to teach us in return for us doing any typing she requires (which I don’t anticipate will be much.) It’s important to strengthen one’s mind with knowledge at every opportunity — and if I ever travel to Paris, I should like to know a little of the language.
  10. And that is my final hope and dream – that someday, I will travel to Paris and walk the boulevards and sip coffee in a sidewalk café. I don’t know quite how I will make that happen, but to dream is the first step, isn’t it?
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