Movie Crushes

The gentlemen of pictures I advise you pay attention to!

There is a rumor going around the lot that none other than Jack McCann is considering joining us.

I’m not putting too much stock in it so far (if there’s one thing we do well in the movie colony, it’s spread rumors…), but if I pick up any inside dope from my boss Miss Holt I will surely update. However, just the idea made me think of a movie crushes post (though these are my crushes just of today – tomorrow it could all be different!)


It seems that Wally is just everywhere at the moment, and even sustaining quite serious injuries during the shooting of The Valley of the Giants hasn’t slowed him down any. It is well known around Los Angeles that he is quite the all rounder – in addition to his many athletic accomplishments (it’s becoming quite common for pictures to use trained “special trick” men to perform dangerous stunts, but Wally does all his own) he is also a wonderful musician and terribly talented with cars.

Ever since I first saw him in DW Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation in 1915, well I can honestly say I haven’t taken my eyes off him!


Though he is almost as well known these days as “Mr Mary Pickford,” I have to confess an enduring soft spot for the original picture “swashbuckler.” Mostly, it has to be said, for he is such a gentleman in real life. Though Mrs Pickford rarely wastes her precious time with niceties, Doug always has a smile and a kind word for lowly folks such as myself when they drop in on Miss Holt.

He is currently shooting The Three Musketeers and word around the studio world is that it is sure to be a hit.


He is only just getting his start, but I have it on good authority that John (his friends call him Jack) Gilbert is sure to be our next movie star.

He started out as an extra at the Thomas Ince Studios just a few years ago and is now soon to sign a three year contract over at Fox – I like a fellow who works hard for his success. The word is that he and his wife Olivia are currently living apart, soon to divorce, but I don’t expect a soon to be star will ever look at a lowly secretary such as myself!


Maybe a strange choice as Fred is the husband of my heroine, screenwriter Frances Marion – but that just makes me like him more. I think a handsome cowboy who choses to spend his life with a woman of substance and intelligence just shows that he is of fine mettle.

Like most Western stars, Fred is a real cowboy who grew up in a ranch in Pasadena – that’s why he, like Wally Reid, does all his own riding stunts. This year he’ll act in The Love Light and Just Around the Corner, both scripted and directed by his wife.


Now this is truly proof that I am “in the know” around the movie colony, for no one yet knows young Rudy outside of our little studio world. But this is all to change – next week!

On Monday evening, there will be a premiere for the newest film scripted by June MathisThe Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse – and starring her discovery, Valentino. Rudy is Italian, don’t you know, and consequently has quite a “Latin” temper – Miss Mathis spent much of the shoot playing peacemaker between himself and the director Rex Ingram. But it’s just that fire and passion that sets the screen alight – if all actors were just regular Joes who said please and thank you, well why would we bother to watch them on screen?

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