7 Things to do in Los Angeles

You need never be at a loss for entertainment again!


Later this year a “Merry Go Round” ride is due to open, which I anticipate will be quite thrilling – but for now, just to walk amongst the cafeterias and hot dog and ice cream stands can pass a very pleasant afternoon.

Of course, it was just a couple of years ago that Mabel Normand threw herself from that pier after discovering her fiancé Mack Sennett (of Keystone Studios) enjoying the company of another woman – but as she was fished out quite unharmed, the area remains unmarked by tragedy.


Naturally in such a country town there are several options if one wants to escape the “hustle and bustle” of movie life – from the heights of Griffith Park to the caves of Bronson Canyon, we really are spoilt for choice. 

Time Magazine recently ran an article which explained all the benefits of fresh air and exercise on one’s constitution and pep, so Ida, Nancy and I have made it our business to take a brisk walk at least once a week. Nancy does so whilst also raising her arms which she says aids circulation and digestion (she worked for a doctor who specialised in good and clean living when she first arrived in Los Angeles, so knows about such things) – but that is a step too far for me.


In view of my new acquaintance Mr Wilson, I have decided to take up dancing lessons downtown so that I can keep up if he does invite me to one of the secret jazz clubs around Central Avenue as he promised. Dance is of course another excellent source of exertion – if I keep this up, I’ll be so full of pep I won’t know what to do!


Well naturally, Los Angeles is just bustling with theaters and nickelodeons – it is very important that we in the business keep up to date with our competitors’ releases. This week, I plan to attend The Kid and Brewster’s Millions – both of which have been playing for several weeks, though I have not had time to catch them. I hope that I’ll be able to see at least one in Mr Sid Grauman’s Million Dollar Theater, as the luxury of that establishment is just wonderful, but I may have left it too late to procure a ticket.


This is an excellent rainy-day activity (for they do exist in California, albeit rarely!) Ida, Nancy, a new friend named Evie (she is one of our French class) and myself have formed a foursome and intend to play together about once a week.


Alas I still have not found the time to take my first lesson, though a Mr Fred Atherton, who works here at the studio as a “stunt man” and actor heard of my ambition to learn and offered to teach me. He is terribly handsome, though for some reason or another I do not find myself interested in him romantically.


This new amphitheater up in Bolton Canyon is due to open to the public at the end of this year, but those of us “in the know” have been treated to several concerts already as the acoustics are tested.  

The Theater Arts Alliance is quite determined to make a success of this ambitious project, and I anticipate quite a thrill when it is formally opened. It remains to be seen whether the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra or the Los Angeles symphony will win the honor of the first summer season – I’m not yet sure who I am rooting for!

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